Suppo Updates

We improve Suppo every day by releasing new features and squashing bugs. Here's an account of what's recently happened.

New Editor Demo

This gives non members a chance at using the editor and building a site. See more on the demo page.

20th May 2017

New Feature

New Pricing, Home and Demo pages

After multiple updates we wanted to update these page to better reflect our growing product.

20th May 2017


Improved UX within Editor

Multiple styling changes to the editor to improve the user experience.

20th April 2017


Add Background Image Uploads

You can now add background images to to your elements within the editor.

14th April 2017

New Feature

Custom Device Colours

You now decide what device colour you want, you can choose from 4x iPhone colours, 3x Google Pixel colours and 3 iPad colours.

20th March 2017

New Feature

Add Custom CSS to templates

A feature requested by many users is now here, Suppo members can now add Custom CSS to their templates.

12th March 2017

New Feature

Multiple SEO Updates

Multiple SEO improvements for all Suppo Websites.

18th February 2017

New Feature

Favicons & Touch Icons Support

We've now given members the ability to add a Favicon and Touch icons to their Suppo website.

29th January 2017

New Feature

3 New Elements

We've added 3 new Call to Action elements, ideal for apps in the beta testing stage and for site owners looking for beta testers.

24th January 2017

New Feature

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can now be used with your app website. Read this support article on how to setup Google Analytics.

9th January 2017

New Feature

Bug Fix for Firefox

Template editor updates for firefox users.

7th January 2017

Bug Fix

Custom URL’S

We now allow users to use custom url’s for their websites here on Suppo.

4th January 2017

New Feature

Suppo released to the world!

Beta testing is complete, we've opened up the site for everyone!

10th Decemeber 2016


Suppo Beta released

The initial release of Suppo opened to a group of 40+ beta testers.

10th October 2016